Compared with the whole body exercise, the local fat reduction marked “less work, high efficiency” seems to get twice the result with half the effort obviously. And some friends, according to the video tutorial exercise every day, looking forward to their own local fat reduction effect. But in fact, there is no shortcut to losing fat with exercise. Most of the local fat loss is just a way for video UP owners to catch the eye and attract viewers’ attention.

It starts with the causes of obesity. Obesity is caused by the body taking in excess energy, which is stored in the body as fat. When we lose fat through exercise, the fat in our body will be broken down into fatty acids, which will enter the blood of our body and be used up for energy during exercise. Under normal circumstances, local exercise total energy consumption is less, easy to fatigue, and can not last, although it can reduce a certain amount of fat, but can not achieve the purpose of fat reduction in our imagination. Therefore, we recommend that from a scientific point of view, fat-reducing exercise should be based on whole-body aerobic exercise. For example: jogging, aerobics, swimming and climbing stairs and so on.

And if that doesn’t convince you, let me give you another example to help you understand. In life, some friends have a belly or a small belly, very distressed, hope to do a lot of sit-ups or leg lifts every day to reduce abdominal fat. But after a period of time, these friends found that their bellies were not wasting away, but the muscles in their bellies felt very sore every day.

Some friends may say, this pain is not muscle movement, fat burning proof? Of course not, when do sit-ups, whether they sit up or lie down, all need strong muscle contraction, especially slowly lie down, produce eccentric contraction, the abdominal muscles that cause muscle of ultrafine structure damage, skeletal muscle can appear inside aseptic inflammation, also can appear tissue fluid leakage, cause adhesion between muscle cells. When the muscles are slightly pulled on the next day, there will be soreness, which is also called delayed muscle soreness. It is a normal physiological phenomenon after muscle contraction and ultrastructural destruction.

Hearing this, the audience friends may have doubts, whether we have wasted our efforts and time in vain? Of course not, your efforts are still rewarded, but not fully reflected in the local effect you want. For example, people who insist on sit-ups for a period of time may find that although their stomach is not thin, your abdominal muscles become firm, and this increased muscle content helps increase metabolism, which leads to a decrease in body fat content.

So, the next time you see a video on the topic of “The same motion for two weeks can have the perfect carving of that area,” learn to recognize and avoid stepping into those local fat loss pits that the video Up master dug.

There is another misunderstanding, is some businesses for people to lose weight cognitive misunderstanding and “want to thin don’t want to move” psychological expectations to attract everyone – that is the fat machine and abdominal muscle stick! Is there someone in the audience who is already feeling something? For a long time, television, computer and mobile phone screens have been filled with advertisements saying that you can lose weight anytime, anywhere, without exercising. Listen to! What a powerful grasp of weight loss people’s pain point. But is this really the right way to lose fat?

Of course not! Scientific research has shown that when we shake our flesh with the help of a fat machine, we use almost no energy. If there is no energy expenditure, let alone fat loss. We only through active exercise, increase the energy efficiency of the body, so as to burn fat, fat reduction effect. Similar to the fat machine, this passive exercise weight loss can not only help us lose fat, but also cause damage to our body, such as joints and internal organs.

So your listeners may be wondering, what about abs stickers? Does abdominal muscle stick febrile total should be effective? In fact, any product or device, as long as you do not exercise yourself, will not have any energy expenditure, nor will it achieve the effect of fat loss.

In fact, more than fat machine and abdominal muscle stick, there are girls love to use thin face roller and waist, it is on our road to reduce fat “want to thin do not want to move” cognitive misunderstanding, you have tried these methods, may have paid a large amount of IQ tax between unconscious. These passive weight loss methods using external forces not only do not reduce fat effect, improper use will also cause physical damage. Therefore, I hope that the audience friends who listen to this class must learn from your experience and lessons, avoid local fat reduction and passive fat reduction mistakes, jump out of the marketing trap of unscrupulous businesses.

The local fat reduction method is ineffective, and the passive fat reduction method does not work. How can friends achieve the purpose of fat reduction? My suggestion is: don’t be greedy to want to lose weight without exercise, should do more body aerobic exercise, 2-3 times a week muscle resistance training, limit the body’s daily intake of energy, stick to it, slowly achieve the purpose of fat reduction.

Under normal circumstances, during reducing fat, it is suggested that the calories of daily diet should be 1000-1200 kcal. Moderate intake of lean meat, fish, skim milk, soy products, vegetables and a variety of fruits with low sugar content will not increase body fat food, try to avoid intake of fat meat, fried, cream food, nuts, candy and high sugar drinks, desserts, fast food and other high oil and high calorie food. At the same time, you can help your stomach digest and feel full by eating more slowly. You can avoid sleeping or sitting still after eating.

There is no shortcut to exercise fat reduction, passive exercise is not reliable, local fat reduction is a mistake, want to reduce fat, we still want to be active exercise.