Invincible soft brushed bread body formula, plus sweet bean paste ~ super simple and easy to use the shaping method, tear can easily finish a whole, today to do a sweet bean paste toast.

Sweet bean paste on toast

Main ingredients: strong flour 270g water 130g egg 1 butter 25g yeast 4g.

Ingredients: milk powder 10 grams salt 2 grams sugar 30 grams bean paste amount.

Production process:

1. All ingredients except butter and bean paste are put into the kneading basin.

2. Mix well in first gear.

3. Knead in the second stage until the coarse film comes out, and add the softened butter. Continue to knead.

4. Knead until dough is smooth and can be pulled out. Cover with plastic wrap and ferment until it doubles in size.

5. Take out and gently knead the exhaust.

6. roll out into a square, put the right amount of bean paste.

7. fold in half into 3 fold roll flat, cut two knife into three.

8. Programming braids.

9. Put in toast mold to ferment.

10. ferment to a full 8.

11. Hays K5 air oven oven function preheat 165℃, bake 35 minutes, the oven is very easy to use, one to ten, food in place at a time.


1. Due to different flour brands, please reserve a certain amount of liquid when adding liquid to mixed dough materials, and observe the dough state before adding as appropriate.

The above is the making process of sweet bean paste toast, welcome to add, if you like to follow and leave a message, your attention and comment is the power.