My former colleague Baymax, engaged in administrative work for a long time, in the girls, her figure belongs to a kind of strapping, wearing fat fat big, untidy loose clothes, the most common is a long and wide T-shirt, not bunched into the waist, and then wear a loose pants. When she comes from a distance, like a square hill moving, the closer you get, the more oppressive it becomes. One day, the new an intern, the boy reading of senior students, speak straight simple type, when he copy the files to find out, the mouth is called the “aunt”, want to know what great is only 30 initially age at the time, the sound of “aunt” became great for many years and lingering pain in her heart.

Have you ever had an embarrassing situation like Baymax? Have many female friends, due to various reasons, making their appearance looks longer than actual age, this not only affect a mood, when accumulated more and more of the negative around will hit confidence, don’t even want to contact with others, leading to low self-esteem, withdrawn, depressed, and so on psychological mood. Therefore, it is important to mention and actively improve the situation.

There are many ways to let the body become young, regular exercise, scientific diet, abandon bad habits, establish the correct concept of skin care and maintenance…… Of course, these changes are by no means overnight, each of which requires long-term commitment and a heart of discipline. So is there an easier and more convenient way to get younger quickly?

The answer is simple — by wearing it. A good look is like magic, can instantly change a person’s appearance and temperament. Who doesn’t want to be praised for being young and beautiful, at any age? What are you waiting for? Let’s study together!

Style 1: I like sports

Sportswear is very commonly used in the daily collocation of clothing, wear comfortable and free, youthful vigor, the requirements for the figure is not so harsh, so it is loved by everyone. However, people who can wear sports clothes in fashion are not so common in daily life. Why?

Regular thinking. Naturally, a blazer should be paired with sweatpants and sneakers, according to many. However, head-to-toe sportswear is hard to pull off on the average person and will only make you look like you’re either working out or on your way to the gym.

Want to exercise the wind dressed young and fashionable key, is to grasp the mixing principle, and sport item is mixed with the sports item, while retain youthful energy movement style, can modify the profile that the pine breaks down, your body looks more perfect, and movement of the wind can at the same time, makes the movement style can be applied to more occasions.

So, the most common types of mixing and matching of sports items and non-sports items are as follows:

1. Sports × leisure

Mix and match with casual kind of single product is relatively easy to grasp a kind, for example sports jacket and jeans, short skirt, color socks can carry on fashionable collocation, should pay attention to the structure of “on the loose and tight” contrast, at the same time pay attention to the harmony of upper and lower outfit overall tone, can help you easily send out young vitality.

2. Exercise × commuting

Blend sports elements into the office dress, suit more relaxed working environment, can quickly create a young OL image. For example, a hoodie can be worn with a coat, trench coat, suit, and fur jacket, or a pair of striped sweatpants and heels under a regular commuter outfit to make a commuter look chic.

Because of the reasons of commuting occasions, when choosing single products, try to be low-key and colorless. At the same time, pay attention to the sports hoodie inside not too wide, should be the principle of fit, in order to form a relatively neat and concise line.

3. Sports × luxury

Have you ever thought that, one day, sportswear will be able to be “elegant”? Movement T stage in recent years, the wind is very popular elements, but compared with the conventional sportswear, in terms of fabric and accessories are blended in more luxurious design, such as silk, velvet fabrics sportswear and exaggerated modelling handbags, jewelry, beading flash material high-heeled shoes of collocation, promote the quality of the modelling of the feeling, in and out of fashion party or cocktail party also.

Style 2: Cool overalls

When it comes to cargo pants, the first thing that comes to mind is suspenders, which are a great anti-aging tool. But can any type of overalls have an age-lowering effect? It is not. Wearing overalls is not good, not tender suspicion, is the second change “aunt”. For a long time, I admire the way to dress for youth is to maintain a sense of quality, and to achieve the purpose of becoming young through smart thinking about dressing, but it is not childish or young, it will only make you look neither young nor young. When it comes to cargo pants, avoid cartoon patterns or color schemes that mix inside and outside, which can look childish, while oversize cargo pants at the waist and hips can make you super bloated and have nothing to do with youth.

Therefore, if you want to wear the cargo style, you must grasp the principle of “hardness and softness”, and neutralize the original middle sex appeal of the cargo style with the feminine style. The following, recommended to you in the tooling wind utilization of the highest three types of single products.

1. The overall

First, let’s take a look at how to wear suspenders. The suspenders themselves and the tops they wear underneath should be simple and elegant, such as neutral colors or striped undersides, to create a fresh impression. Can also through silk scarf, sunglasses, neck Choker and other small accessories to enhance the fashionable index.

2. Jumpsuits

The romper is a test of the wearer’s figure and matching skills. Add a belt to the romper and wear high heels to enrich the design details, or directly choose a romper with a clear waist line to emphasize the feminine features and make the legs longer. The opposite case on the right, because of the lower waist drawstring position, is directly turned into a 50-body plumber.

3. Use letter T-shirts

A monogram T-shirt is a great versatile item to take the monotony out of a solid overalls coat, while also making a statement about the wearer’s personality and fashion attitude. The letter T-shirt had better choose a solid color, especially with white the most versatile, the most simple feeling.

Style 3: Sweet fairy Style

The two categories introduced in the front are more handsome style, then, there is no more gentle and sweet type in the youth wear method? Of course, the next thing to recommend to you is the most femininely tender, most heterosexual sweet fairy wind. Wear this style young and senior, to grasp the “immortal but not vulgar, sweet but not greasy” eight-character secret.

1. The color of ice cream is high and bright

First, let’s look at the color choice. In the last lecture, we discussed advanced colors with low saturation and introduced Morandi colors. So now we recommend another color — ice cream. Unlike the grayscale of Morandi, which is also low-saturation, ice cream adds white to various colors to make them appear brighter, but also brighter. If Mr Moran’s color is “cold”, then the ice cream color that is “clear” soft, light and lively temperament is one of the biggest ice cream color characteristics, let a person look after in a good mood.

The color of ice cream is perfect for a sweet style, especially pink. Compared to rich rose powder with high saturation, light and elegant pink is lighter and more advanced.

2. Light material

Secondly, in terms of material, lightness is the key to reflect the feeling of fairy spirit. For example, chiffon, tulle, lace and other materials are essential elements for the interpretation of sweet fairy style. Or it’s a slightly see-through design that also easily conveys the sexual appeal of petite women.

3. Girly design elements

It is very clever to embellish a small area with design elements full of girly heart. For example, puffy sleeve design makes you as lovely as a doll, flounce element is very soft, and more importantly, both of these are the effect of super good cover the flesh, have very good modification effect to the bye sleeve and small stomach.
And the bow is simply a maiden heart must, I believe that the people will see it will smile.

Style 4: Retro preppy

Retro school style, is a shortcut to return to the green years, fresh and age-reducing style of top students, give a person the first impression of quality and good girls. The core of mastering college style youth but not childish lies in shaping the sense of elite. The two preferred items are ribbon bow-tie shirts and A-line skirts.

1. Ribbon bow-tie shirt

The ribbon bow tie shirt is a very representative single item in the college wind. The fabric of the shirt should be high, such as heavy silk with a hanging sense or stiff denim. If there is a decorative design style in the shoulder, cuff, neckline and other details, it is also a good choice. The shirt can be worn alone or as an underside of a suit jacket or sweater. Try to choose a solid color for the ribbon, preferably black. You can use adult accessories such as a square briefcase and high heels to neutralize the student spirit of the ribbon bow tie shirt and enhance the elegant atmosphere of the overall shape.

2. The a-line skirt

A-line skirt is also A representative of the preppy style, especially the plaids or pleated design, which is the classic preppy style. A-line skirts are suitable for matching short tops or tucking the bottom of the top into the waist to create A clear waist line. The skirt length is about 10cm above the knee, showing long legs, showing slim and tall, which is good news for small girls. If it is slightly fat female friends do not choose luminous fabric, there will be expansion effect, suitable for small A design with strong pendant feeling.

What I advocate is not to blindly follow the trend, to learn to use the rules of fashion and fashion intelligently, and to choose the right items to wear. I hope every fairy can advance in the game with time, master the skills of youth, for the young, for the beauty of the bonus.