Corn flour is the best of the whole grains, containing cereal food does not have vitamin C, it is rich in selenium and magnesium, magnesium as an enzyme activator, combined with selenium can promote oxidative decomposition in the body, block the growth of cancer cells, promote growth and development, enhance immunity.

Creamy tortillas

Main ingredients: 1 egg, corn, half a root of milk, about 100ml flour, 3 spoons of starch, 1.5 spoons of black sesame.

Production process:

1. Fresh rice peel and cook, first chop, then cook, raw corn is better than cooked steak; Or frozen rice bubble water to thaw.

2. Find a large bowl, put in the corn, beat an egg, pour about 100ml milk, three spoonfuls of flour, a spoonful and a half of starch and stir evenly into a paste; I did not deliberately squeeze out the moisture inside the corn kernels. If the milk is squeezed out, add more, and the other liquid is not added.

3. The flour spoon is as big as the picture.

4. Pan brush oil, pan inside the edge also brush; Pour the batter into the pan and smooth.

5. Medium and small heat cover and fry for about six or seven minutes. One side is set, sprinkle sesame seeds, turn the other side, and fry until both sides are golden and set.

6. The appearance of the fried first side.

7. The hotter the pot, after frying the side less than the front side frying for a while; Medium and small fire frying, large fire frying will fry the surface of the paste or raw.

8. Cut into small pieces to eat; If you don’t like the thickness of the pie, you can fry it several times, each time you pour the batter to cover the bottom of the pan. I cooked it in one go, which is about as thick as pizza.


1. Choice of milk: for personal taste, ordinary milk of the same brand and series is more mellow and sweeter than skim milk; In order to taste better, you can use walnut milk, breakfast wheat milk, sweet milk, but not as nutritious as ordinary pure milk; Balance nutrients, fats, and flavors.

The above is the making process of milk sweet tortilla, welcome to add, if you like to follow and leave a message, your attention and comment is the power.