I recommend to you a breakfast that combines deliciousness and beauty. Made on toast with eggs, bell peppers, and ham lettuce, this sandwich is quick to make, ready in 10 minutes. Perfect with a glass of milk in the morning. Take a bite, rich in protein, vitamins and calcium.

Required ingredients:Toast, green peppers, red peppers, eggs.

Production process:

1. Cut green peppers and red peppers into small cubes and put them in a bowl for later use.

2. Take an egg, beat it evenly, add an appropriate amount of green and red peppers, and a pinch of salt. Grease a pan with oil. When the oil is hot to the touch, pour the egg mixture into the pan and fry on low heat.

3. Put the spread egg pancake on a plate, prepare 2 pieces of toast, remove the edge of the toast, put it on the egg pancake, and cut out a square egg pancake according to the edge of the toast.

4. Put a piece of lettuce leaf and a piece of ham on the egg cake, and finally put a piece of toast, and press it a little.

5. Take an egg, separate the egg white and yolk, and mix well.

6. Pour the egg yolk liquid on the toast, let the toast fully absorb the egg liquid; use chopsticks to smear the edge of the toast with the egg liquid. It feels like butter has been smeared.

7. Restart the pan, add a little oil, add the toast, and fry until golden brown on both sides.
PS: Pay attention when frying, you can see that the upper and lower sides of the toast are golden brown, do not over fry.

8. After frying, cut the sandwich diagonally into 2 triangles or 4 triangles.

9. It’s done~ Doesn’t it look very tempting! Make a sandwich for breakfast and a glass of milk, isn’t it a great combination? !

10. Cut the leftovers into small pieces, mix them with egg whites, unused egg yolk liquid, and diced green peppers, pour them into the pot and fry them over a low heat, then add some ham, a little salt and pepper, and fry until toast Slightly yellow can be, this taste delicious do not drip.


1. If you like Western-style flavors, you can put cheese, ham, lettuce in the middle of the toast, and if you prefer Chinese-style flavors, you can just add egg cakes, which is also OK.

2. Sisters who think it is troublesome to separate the egg yolk, you can just beat an egg and mix it well, but the color that comes out is not so golden, but it is also delicious!

3. If you don’t have toast at home, you can also use sliced ​​steamed bread to make it, and it tastes great.