First of all, the muscles of the human body are made up of large muscle groups and small muscle groups. The major muscle group has the chest, back, buttocks and legs, while the minor muscle group has the shoulders, arms, abdomen and calves.

Whether you want to dress well or look good, the big muscle groups play a very important role. Our bones are like the basic structure of a house, and our muscles are like walls, protecting our internal organs and filling our bodies. Small muscles are more like curtain, small ornament, such as tea table, to some extent is more like an extension of the overall style.

When we look at whether a house is suitable, we may consider whether the layout is reasonable, whether the walls are beautiful enough, whether the columns are in the right position, and so on. However, when we look at our bodies, we always pay attention to some small details, such as the arms have meat, the collarbone is not clear enough, the calf is not thin enough… In order to achieve the ideal goal, everyone practiced dumbbells, barbells, elastic belts, bending, pushing, arm flexion and extension, and lifting iron happily. They imagined that the hard sweat they paid would finally help them gain the body of their dreams.

But wait! Is there something wrong with you?

And it’s not just their big arms that we love in men with big, masculine bodies. For example, Schwarzenegger, 145 cm big chest thick back, 75 cm thick trunk like legs, broad deltoid muscle supported by the shoulder, is he let people feel masculine at the first glance of the important reason.

You know the Victoria’s Secret models are in great shape, but have you ever seen anyone take a magnifying glass or a ruler to see if their arms are thin or their calves are thick? While there must be some serious media establishments happy to take ugly pictures of celebrities, at first glance the models are in much better shape than the average person, aren’t they? Besides looking long legs, it’s also important to have a good ratio between shoulders and Waist, a smooth back, and a waist-to-hip ratio (WHR) that makes you wonder.

This is the mistake that so many people make when it comes to fitness: focusing on insignificant details instead of the big picture, or failing to recognize what’s wrong with your body — details that no one but you will ever look at.

So back to the house metaphor. You walk into a room and the floor is cocked, the walls are painted a terrible color, the furniture is in bad shape, and there’s a faucet by a famous designer. Do you think the whole thing will look good? Or maybe you love a car that has the perfect styling, performance and even price, a body that is as smooth as a master painting, just enough space for all your daily needs, and seats that are as comfortable as first class… At this point, you find that the frame curvature of the rearview mirror is not to your liking, but do you care?

The same goes for impressions between people.

The first time to meet, from the figure, we will only pay attention to your overall body shape is not good-looking. Look at the man is healthy and strong, look at the woman is not a reasonable figure, is not beautiful. Sometimes when we meet someone who is so good at dressing, we don’t even see what he or she lacks in figure. Who cares if you have a few millimeters of fat on the back of your arms, or if you take off your suit to see the peaks of your biceps or the horseshoes of your triceps? Even at the beach, where people don’t wear much clothing, we don’t study the circumference of a person’s ankles when we look at them.

So, when you first start working out, don’t worry too much about the details.

A little bye-bye meat on your arms? Not enough biceps? Not skinny ankles? The clavicle only holds half a teaspoon of water? At first, you don’t care. Here’s what you need to do:

Change the parts that everyone will see at first sight to create a body shape that is visually perfect overall, rather than changing the tiny details that only you care about.

So, when we start to exercise, which parts should be the most?

In a word, it is the large muscle group with good modification effect on body shape. That is:

Chest, back, hips, legs

In addition to this, training the large muscle groups has the added benefit that the small muscle groups burn a negligible amount of calories compared to the large muscle groups, making it less effective in reducing fat and toning. You hold the pen and mouse with your fingers for a day, even if your fingers and arms are very tired, you will not lose weight, but your whole body’s large muscles participate in running for half an hour, to ensure that the effect of fat reduction is much better than playing computer for a day.

The same is true for small muscle groups. You can’t effectively lose fat by doing exercises that eliminate the so-called “worship meat”, but you can really achieve the desired effect by reducing fat from the large muscle groups as a whole. We generally describe a person fat when all say “tiger back bear waist”, when said the arm is too thick? For those who increase muscle, only the training of large weight and large muscle groups can better stimulate the secretion of various hormones (testosterone or growth hormone, etc.).

So, practice small muscle group, for beginners not only shape effect is very poor, fat reduction effect is very poor, even the modification effect of the target details is very poor. If you have a pair of thin legs, but a waist of 80 centimeters, you still look fat from a distance. Or although you do not worship meat, but have a pair of strong thighs, the overall shape will not be very coordinated.

In other words, you are doing small muscle group, isolated, small weight training, fundamentally do not meet the conditions of muscle gain, fat loss, shape, impossible to achieve good results.

A piece of sincere advice for beginners:

Instead of doing most small muscle training, start today by doing 6 to 10 sets of large muscle training (chest, back, hips, legs) once a day, paired with 1 to 3 sets of core muscle training (abdomen, lower back), and finally HIIT (high intensity interval training) for 15 to 30 minutes. Within six months, you’ll be surprised at how much you’ve changed. By then, the little problem you were worried about in the first place may be gone with the wind.

Health, shape, fat reduction, support clothes…… It all starts with the big muscle groups. Pay attention to the big and small, is the king of muscle or fat reduction exercise entry!