Having studied a lot of health products and seen a lot of bullshit marketing booms, here’s what actually works.

First of all, it is impossible to say that it is extremely effective. It is a drug. I have never seen any health care products that can have obvious effects in 1 month.

One: fish oil, the main ingredient omega-3

There is an answer to this that I think is more detailed, so I won’t go into it.

Two: lutein, lutein

This is one of my most highly recommended products, especially for office workers, this is an antioxidant, but that’s not the point, but lutein is one of the main components of the macula, and lutein is to the eye what calcium is to the bone.

The study of lutein is also relatively thorough, the body can not be synthesized, from green vegetables and food absorption rate is relatively low, major health food brands have launched this product, the price is not expensive, it is recommended to keep.

Three: astaxanthin

At present, the substances with the strongest antioxidant capacity found in nature are not introduced much. There are too many online materials, which are very suitable for the initial anti-aging products such as skin care products for children’s shoes.

Four: Pregnancy treasure

Strictly speaking, this should belong to multidimensional, because most such products are mainly multidimensional. Here I only recommend two brands of Gestabag, New Chapter and Graden of Life, which are the top of Gestabag in the consumer market. Specific how Niu force is not introduced, there are too many online, in simple terms, raw materials full physical method extraction, not only safe, the key is the absorption capacity is too good.

Five: Legendo’s probiotics

This probiotics should be the most powerful probiotics I have ever used, in a word, I can eat this one person to kill the bucket, the belly is not full!

As for why it’s so cool, it was previously assessed that the second best probiotic on the market was four times more likely to survive intestinal distress.

Stomach bad children’s shoes first choice!

The suggestion buys chewable piece, strawberry flavor that, sour sour sweet, very appetizing.

The above is my personal or friends have used relatively good and effective things, and I have looked at the above things are very suitable for office workers now, long-term computer, eyes uncomfortable with lutein, irregular diet with probiotics.