In fact, not only the elderly need to eat some health care products, young people also need. As the young people’s life pressure and bad eating habits are easy to cause the problem of nutritional imbalance, it is necessary to eat some health care products. First of all, health care products are not medicine, the body is unwell or to see a doctor. Health care products also need to insist on eating to work, three days fishing two days in the net is not desirable.

1.Eye protection:bilberry slices

Nowadays, there should be few young people who do not need to stare at the computer and mobile phone? I had Swisse Sveishi’s high concentration of huckleberry slices, and now I have Nippon Concord Hotoyan pills, which are also made of huckleberry. I think there is not much difference between the two. I think the Japanese one is better. After eating it, it has a little effect on improving dry eyes.

2.Daily nutritional supplement: Abbott Yakult SR Nutritional formula powder

These can be used by those who want to gain weight, no matter they are light diet or poor absorption and lean body. It was originally used by my family members with diabetes. It will not affect blood sugar but also provide comprehensive nutrition. Later, the low-GI formula on the jar caught my attention and I carefully studied the ingredient list: protein needed to improve immunity, unsaturated fatty acids necessary for human body and various vitamin trace elements are particularly complete, and the combination of three kinds of carbohydrates and water feels very reasonable.

I thought it would be perfect for my daily supplement, so I bought it myself. I am easy to fat constitution, one day a week light off food, usually diet also have mint health control. I drink this for a day when I’m on a light diet, so I can control my weight and not lack nutrients. Work reasons usually eat not too regular, breakfast also drink this supplement nutrition. Before the physical examination will have a little lack of nutrition, there will be no such problems after starting to drink this, recommend you to buy, especially in weight loss, diabetes needs to supplement nutrition must prepare a can!

If you’re a regular all-nighter, consider taking a supplement of Coenzyme Q10, which helps fight fatigue and protect your heart. I had heart palpitations for a while because I was staying up all night, so I bought this Coenzyme Q10 from Swisse as a supplement, and then I adjusted my sleep and ate it and felt better. This one doesn’t choose the brand, as long as the ingredients and content are right.