Men are very care about their sexual ability, sex ability look confident, not only has the invisible target, have to conquer a woman’s pride, or as a man should have a super ability. You can imagine, every time with a sex object, because of their sexual ability is weak, or almost always in the other party has not enjoy the orgasm, they surrendered without mercy, this is how embarrassed and face.

Check men’s common treatment of sexual ability is not good, impotence premature ejaculation your method:

1.Various time-delayed drugs:
Pros: You’ll see immediate results, which will help you shine.
Weakness: cannot cure premature ejaculation radically, have the effect with respect to.

2.Some God whip medicine wine casually get a few deer whip, riding whip, bull whip, tiger whip, and get some wine soak for a month, it can help you delay 30 minutes, 1 hour. Forget the “form-by-form” IQ tax.

3.A variety of male sexual health care products on the market of a variety of health care products seem to be able to strengthen the Yang and tonify the kidney, let a person dazzling at the same time also let a person confused. Some patients are cautious and careful not to start easily, some patients are almost all the health care products for tonifying kidney and strengthening Yang have been tried. In fact, it is better to be cautious than to try.

If men really want to enhance sexual ability, maintain sexual ability, radical cure impotence premature ejaculation, control the ability to control ejaculation, should follow the following way to carry out systematic training.

1.Relax the mood, relieve the pressure: if the pressure, anxiety caused, first of all, it is necessary to adjust this situation to good, it is suggested that boys can also usually train to relax, practice abdominal breathing, nose inhalation, mouth slowly exhale.

2.Exercise Regularly.I don’t want to hear you say that you are too tired to exercise. You are in charge of your own body, don’t expect others to help you or there is any medicine that can help you change, it does not exist, it is not likely to be helpful. More busy than you, people work, fitness as usual, what qualifications do you have to say that they are tired. If you want to change yourself, you must exercise. Here, it is recommended to train 3-4 times a week for 30 to 45 minutes each time. Just choose the exercise you like to do. Personal recommendations are: squats, belly rolls, push-ups, swimming, running.

3.Get Enough Sleep.Your phone’s battery is dead, and you know you need to charge it to use it. Your energy supply is low, so you don’t know how to charge it. Your body’s energy has been overused during the day, and only by getting enough sleep at night can your body’s functions be repaired and your energy restored. You can’t expect your sexual performance to change if you’re wasting your body day and night.

4.Exercise the muscles for intercourse: Exercise the muscles for intercourse, which will help strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor and help you better control the time of ejaculation. In conclusion, if you want to make a thorough improvement in this aspect, it is better to have a professional guide and develop a recovery plan, which can be recovered gradually for a period of time.

5.A complete set of ability training methods improve sexual ability, or in daily life, do other things, we will first give yourself make a plan, then go to operation, in the process of operation, feedback and learning, finally finish the charmingly this matter, in the same way, our ability to 緈 also want to do this, If there is no such a plan to operate, you do not know how to start, how to do, should do more than a little every day, to pay attention to what, and for a period of time can’t see the effect, it’s easy to give up, to three, not a professional personage to guide you, practice with practice you will be confused, this, I believe you also must be that.

In addition to the above points, men should pay attention to the following four points: sexual orientation is based on pleasure, interest, love and desire, not on strong sexual performance and sexual response; Create a relationship in which both parties can be fully relaxed and comfortable, and communicate their feelings about love and sex through the cultivation of communication skills. Emotional distance will make sex lack of spiritual feelings. Having an accurate grasp of sexual content, being confident in expressing our sexual needs and those of our partners, and being sensitive to subtleties; Give each other emotional security and trust, do not judge or tease, fully understand, accept and appreciate their differences from us.