There are four reasons for nightmares: psychological, physical, environmental, and cognitive. First, it is usually believed that people who have nightmares at least once a week, the frequency of nightmares is relatively high, should be paid attention to, and actively choose the treatment. It is normal to have a bad dream once in a while, which can be ignored or appropriately relaxed.

First, see a doctor and take medicine

Dreams, including nightmares, are both psychological and physical phenomena. For those who have frequent nightmares, accompanied by sleep quality and insomnia problems, choose to go to the hospital and take medicine according to the doctor’s advice. This is the first choice and the simplest and most effective method.

It is not necessary to worry about the negative effects of drugs, and there is no need to worry about drug dependence. This is a problem that doctors and scientists should pay more attention to. Patients should pay more attention to how to find a good doctor and how to use drugs more scientifically and reasonably, which is the right way to solve the problem.

Please note that this is not to say that just taking a pill can solve the problem of nightmares. The purpose of taking a pill is to relieve sleep or insomnia problems. By taking a pill, we can relieve the symptoms, and then we can conduct self-adjustment or psychotherapy and psychological counseling, or find a more effective cure. Then, follow the doctor’s advice to gradually reduce the drug, which is scientific and reasonable, and eventually withdraw the drug. After the quality of sleep is resolved, nightmares will also be reduced and eliminated. In the premise of seeing a doctor to take medicine, still need to consider using the following other methods.

Second, realistic rationalization

The so-called rationalization of reality is the process of thinking and digesting the conflicts and psychological troubles of reality in order to reasonably face and accept the reality.

Everyone will face a variety of things in life, there will be psychological contradictions, conflicts, if suppressed in the heart, it may be reflected in the dream, this is an unpleasant dream. The effective solution to the real contradictions, conflicts and troubles is a way of thinking for us to solve the nightmare problem.

Dream is the reflection of the state of mind in reality. If we can understand what happens in reality as much as possible, face and accept it reasonably, we can maintain a peaceful state of mind, and nightmares will be reduced or eliminated. This is the meaning of rationalization of reality.

Third, Change the reality

Change reality situation and not escape from reality, not negative to face reality, but to actively from the working environment and living environment, make the necessary, can adjust, including the adjustment of positive living habits, actively improve physical quality, and so on, by the changes of these realities, achieve their psychological change, promote a positive psychological experience, It also promotes a sense of security and personal control. In this way, the dream will change as the reality changes.

Fourth, Adjust expectations

The “reality and physics and chemistry” mentioned above is the transformation process of rationalizing inner cognition through thinking, which can be regarded as cognitive adjustment in psychology, while changing realistic situation can be regarded as the category of behavioral psychology, which can adjust one’s mental state through the transformation of behavior. The adjustment of expectations described in this section is consistent with cognitive behavioral therapy in psychology, where psychological and behavioral changes are achieved through the transformation of one’s inner cognition.

Adjust expectations, is not to let oneself reduce the goal, is not to accept their mediocrity or not excellent, but through rational analysis to reasonable evaluation of their own, and then put forward reasonable goals for themselves, rather than excessive, excessive requirements from themselves; At the same time, do not put forward excessive, irrational requirements of others, so that can effectively reduce psychological contradictions, reduce psychological conflicts. At the same time, we should have a good psychological expectation for the future uncertainty and be prepared to accept and face the uncertainty. In this way, you will be able to face and accept any external things in peace. These changes, too, will be reflected in dreams, reducing psychological conflict.

In the practice of psychological counseling, there is a very simple case, a long-term nightmare plagued by students, after two psychological counseling, reasonable, happy to accept the decision to adjust the goal, from the same night, no longer have nightmares. And follow-up interviews proved that he had mostly solved his nightmares. It can be seen that reasonable and effective adjustment of psychological expectations is a very important factor in solving nightmares.


Fifth, Improve and integrate into the social support system

Social support system includes a person’s various social relationships, that is to say, to deal with all aspects of interpersonal relationships, so that when you encounter difficulties or setbacks, these interpersonal relationships can bring you greater help, increase self-confidence and security. This point seems easy to say, but in fact it is very difficult to introduce to you the method of dealing with interpersonal relations in the Buddhism: the four taking method, namely dealing with interpersonal relations in four ways, namely giving, loving words, doing favors, and working with colleagues.

First, giving means giving and giving. That is to help others, mainly means to do something tangible in the material, financial help, preferably from the heart, sincere, not to please others, do not have to have a purpose to help. If it is so in love and sincere, can get better relationships and interpersonal support, because in the exchanges between people, everyone has the most basic beliefs, the most basic of wisdom and understanding, and if you are from some personal purposes, not from the heart, or with a certain tendency to help others, others will feel, So it gets a little mundane.
If you can find the good in others, find the place where others deserve to be loved, then you can love others from the heart, this is a very good improvement, is a key point to promote interpersonal relationship, called giving.

Second, love words, simple to understand, it is more than said the language of love, that is praise, praise others, encourage others, these words, to hear people’s joy, will warm to you, need to emphasize is also from the heart, sincere to sure what you really think that is a good thing, good people, things, and this is called sex language.

Third, the line, which means his desire to help others, such as parents to go on a trip, you can help contact your travel agency, air tickets, accommodations, etc., for work and study, also has a lot of “line”, such as to help students on math problems, such as some colleagues at the time of difficulty, can help them solve difficulties, these can be called the line. It’s easy to understand that doing things like this regularly will improve relationships.

Fourth, colleagues, that is, do things together, such as accompany others to complete a piece of work, accompany others to study together, eat together, entertainment together, and so on, and get along with others more, more and others together.
The combination of these aspects, are sincere to do from the heart, will improve the interpersonal department.

Sixth, improve the cognitive system

As mentioned in the previous article, the cognitive system is closely related to dreams, just like the cognitive behavioral therapy point of view: the event itself does not cause us any trouble, but our attitude and view of the event, can cause us trouble.

For example, a student who got the third place in the exam among the 50 students in the class may face two situations. The first one is very dissatisfied and annoyed. The student may think, why did I get the third place instead of the first place this time? !

For those students who are in the middle or even at the back, if they suddenly get the third place in the exam, they may cheer and be very, very happy. They may think that although they are not the first place, the third place is a very good result.
So why are there two very different outcomes for the same thing? Because of the different views on the third place. That’s what cognitive behavioral therapy says, that it’s not the event itself, the objective thing itself that’s troubling, it’s the way you think about it that’s troubling.

Just as some people say, if the heart changes, your world will change, what the mind shows, only the knowledge changes, said the same truth, so adjust and improve their own cognitive system, is an important and effective method.

Seven, professional psychological counseling and psychological treatment

Looking for professional counselors and therapists for professional psychological counselling and treatment, this is one way that can select, is also a effective way, but this way, there are two problems need to pay attention to, first, the cycle will be long, second, the cost will be very high, generally speaking, one hour will be after the cost of the yuan to a few thousand yuan, every Monday to two hours of consulting, It should last at least a month to six months.

Eight, belief introduction method

Belief introduction is a concrete way to deal with nightmares. When the dreamer has entered the nightmare dream, there is a special situation called the nightmare or ghost bed. At this time, the dreamer will realize that he is having a nightmare and try to wake up, but it is difficult to do so, which is very painful and painful. At this time, belief introduction method is a very effective method.

An example of this approach is, for example, if you often dream about the so-called devil, then you can establish a belief in yourself when you are awake in real life. What belief? At this time, you need to observe what kind of concept demons are in your own cognition. If you think demons do not exist in real life, but only appear in dreams, then you can establish a belief that “demons do not exist!” . Often say this sentence, often think of this sentence, the faith in my mind, the devil doesn’t exist, so, when you enter the nightmare dreams, dream of the devil, this belief could be in the dream of you to think of it, so this time there are two kinds of situation, a situation is a nightmare suddenly disappeared, fear not; The other is that you wake up from the dream. This is an amazing phenomenon that anyone who has nightmares can try.

And what if, in reality, in the waking world, demons might be thought to exist? This is easy, too. Since you think the devil may exist, you must be able to think of ways to drive it away, and what is the devil afraid of? For example, in Journey to the West, the monster may be afraid of Sun Wukong, Buddha or Guanyin. Of course, if you really believe that, you can say, “Guanyin Bodhisattva help me,” or “South no Guanyin Bodhisattva,” in the dream, you repeat this belief, saying this sentence, it may have the same effect. That’s something to try.

At the time of awakening analysis how can eliminate terrorist episodes in the dream, you are how to set up a faith, repeat the exercise at ordinary times, make the belief rooted in your heart, deep into your consciousness, so, when you meet this dream, it will shine out, when faith comes to cure terrorist dream, it sounds like very mysterious, In fact, it works very well.

May be one or two before the test, nightmare happened, but you can’t remember belief, and it doesn’t matter, practice more at ordinary times, go through this faith when this belief has been deeply bone marrow, has become a very sentimental feeling, then in the dream will be very easy to appear this kind of belief, then this method is effective. It’s important to note that this belief is something you really believe in, something you’ve set for yourself, not something someone else has imposed on you, or something you try out from someone else.

You just try it, it may not work, you have to be convinced, just like convinced that “drinking water can quench your thirst”, so to trust this truth, trust this belief, then it will work, if you can not reach this belief, you need to adjust the cognition first. Moreover, this method is not just a theory, but can be tested, very effective.

Belief importing is not just about treating nightmares that have already occurred. In fact, when a person has treated a horrible dream in this way once or more, they are significantly less likely to have such nightmares in the future, and even less likely to have such nightmares in the future.

If you are a person of faith, you can also introduce your personal beliefs into the nightmare, such as chanting the heart Sutra, the name of Buddha, Bodhisattva, and the name of the Dharma god.