Depression is a relatively common mental illness. No one is immune to depression. In recent years, depression has shifted from aging to younger. Among those who commit suicide, the proportion of young people is particularly high. According to statistics, the peak age of first onset is 20-40 years old; women are twice as many as men; married men are lower than unmarried people, married women are higher than unmarried people; separated or divorced or with family history is 1.5~ 3 times. Depression is a treatable disease. If the human body lacks serotonin, it will lead to depression. Serotonin is a neuromediator that exists in the central nervous system. If you suffer from depression, don’t panic, and don’t need to shy away. Psychologists at the Reshaping Mind Mental Rehabilitation Center recommend 5 ways to self-treat depression. The specific method is as follows:

1. Exercise method: often do some simple qigong, aerobics or play ball, dance to move the muscles and bones, stretch the body and mind. Soak your feet in hot water every night before going to bed, and then rub the soles of your feet. On weekdays, I deliberately encourage myself to maintain a happy mood and not to think wildly. Interact with people more and participate in meaningful social activities. According to psychiatrists, exercise is the best natural antidepressant we have.

2. Catharsis method: Relax your emotional outlet, don’t let your mind become a bottleneck, deal with unfair, opinionated and even infuriating things that appear in reality, take measures to dispel your anger or transfer your anger to a certain person. It is a way of beating and venting on various items, including release, transfer and other methods, which are commonly used in France and abroad, and the effect is very good.

3. Caring method: You don’t have to panic when you have depression. First, you should find out the cause of the disease, pour out your inner distress to your relatives and friends, put down your burdens and eliminate tension, and learn to decompress. The treatment of depression should be dominated by psychotherapy. People should use a cordial and sympathetic attitude to encourage patients to pour out their inner depression, give guidance and help, and enable patients to adapt to the environment and obtain social support. If the condition is serious, be sure to find a psychiatrist for diagnosis and treatment.

4. Moderate desire: “be indifferent and indifferent”. Studies have pointed out that when people’s desires increase in arithmetic progression, their inner troubles and pains increase in geometric progression. It can be seen that excessive desire and greed are not only unhelpful to the enrichment of human life value and meaning, but also unhelpful to psychological health. A healthy and vibrant psychological structure is not entirely based on simple and hyperactive desires, focusing on the ordinary fulfillment of life, and in the pursuit of fame and wealth, there is a certain indifference of “what happened in the past and the present, it’s all in a joke”, Make the texture of life healthy and clear, active and upright.

5. Open-minded: People should be open-minded and tolerant in their daily work and life. Only in this way can we accommodate mountains and rivers, and stay in chaos without panic. A broad mind is like a “cardiac”, which can greatly improve the load capacity and immunity of the psychological structure.

Depression is a common mental illness that is as common as a cold, can occur, and can be cured. Since depression is not caused by personality, even people who are always cheerful and optimistic have the possibility of suffering from depression, and there are many people who are introverted and do not suffer from the disease.