Boxing, violent?
How many people would naturally associate the word “boxing” with the word “violence” when they mention it?
I think this is the biggest misconception about boxing.

01. Boxing ≠ violence
Violence is only the appearance of boxing, “people love violence, so they love to watch boxing, like to get together at the scene of a car accident. But no one really understands boxing, the essence of boxing is to maintain dignity, as well as deprive the opponent of dignity.”
According to a British research agency’s “most dangerous sports” list, soccer is actually the most dangerous sport, 20% of people playing soccer will have a minor sports injury.
As for rugby with impact action, it is only a quarter of the injury rate of soccer.
There is no denying that boxing is very confrontational, but the injury rates for football and basketball are actually much higher than boxing.
Boxing is a much less dangerous sport than one might think. To the uninitiated, boxing may seem like a simple sport with only two fists, but it actually contains so many mysteries.
Boxing is a sport that combines lightness, dexterity, dexterity, hardness, speed, and boldness in one. The charm of boxing can perhaps only be understood by those who are really in touch with it.

02. Boxing, the fight is not just a punch
“Will must be stronger than skill” – boxing champion Muhammad Ali. There was such a news that shocked the whole boxing world.
The take-away boy from Chongqing, with the living expenses and tuition he earned, became the first Chinese WBA junior bantamweight champion gold belt winner.
“When I get in the ring, then I’m the champion! In life I’m just a boxer and a delivery rider.” So says WBA China Bantamweight Youth Champion Gold Belt winner Zhang Fangyong.
He is a gold belt boxer who runs on the streets to deliver, and everything is a professional boxer who started from scratch by himself.

In the initial period of chasing his dream, Zhang Fangyong supported his boxing dream with a meager salary from running delivery. He ran an average of more than 45 orders a day, with a record of 69 orders a day at the most.
On July 1, 2017, Zhang Fang Yong defeated his opponent to get the WBA (World Boxing Association) Chinese junior bantamweight gold belt, which was the first gold belt in his life, and became famous from then on. As was once the case with Sho Kimura.
Boxing is never just a sport of swinging, but a sport that cultivates strong willpower, fearless physique, excessive guts, and an attitude of fighting for life!

03. Boxing is infinitely more attractive
You don’t need a pair of gloves, what you need is to really change yourself.

Extremely challenging
As one of the most difficult of all competitive sports, boxing places very high demands on the physical and mental condition of the athlete. Explosive power, stamina, and reflexes are all essential.
But boxing is also the easiest sport to get started, boxing is different from taekwondo, boxing is about keeping the lower plate stable and then punching, while the latter requires students to kick with a single leg support, the difficulty factor is naturally up several steps.
Don’t underestimate the standard three-minute rounds in the boxing ring. If you devote yourself to it, it may be the longest three minutes of your life.

Improve confidence and temperament
Imagine how you are going to hold your line when you are facing a tall, lanky opponent who is fist pumping and eager to knock you out? You know, 99% of people do not have the courage and confidence to face a stronger opponent than yourself.
But when you overcome your fear and come face to face with your own cowardice, it is often the time of nirvana and rebirth. You will happen that boxing brings you a change, not only in the ring, but also in the invisible change of your attitude, confidence and view of life. The change of heart and soul brings about an improvement in outward temperament.

Create the perfect body
If you look closely at professional boxers, you will see that none of them have a strong, well-defined body.
Boxing is different from any other kind of sports, it exercises every muscle in your body and maximizes every body function.
A boxing training, weight loss 3 pounds is not impossible. This is the reason why boxing allows you to get in the best shape faster than any other sport.