Eat very little, can you reduce your belly?
Can not reduce small stomach to do?
Cannot avoid to be sedentary, how can you reduce belly?
How to maintain abdominal line?
How is waist bad to do abdominal training to reduce fat?

First, eat very little, can you reduce your belly?
Answer:Don’t ever have the idea that eating too little can reduce fat. There are too many disadvantages of eating too little.

Generally, the basic metabolism of adult women will be between 1200 and 1300kcal a day. If the total amount of a day is not enough, there will be many problems in the basic metabolism, such as loss of muscle and bone mass, decline in memory, hair loss, anemia, organ dysfunction and so on. It’s also easy to put the body in protective mode. Humans are genetically programmed to be afraid of low energy intake, so after a period of low energy intake, the expression is:

1. Protect fat from being broken down (to store energy)

2. Lower energy levels (preventing you from burning more energy with excessive daily activities)

3. Not having your period (dying, unable to have children)

4. Lower libido (dying, nothing else important, food and talent…)

5. Slow down your heart rate (slow down to save energy)

6. Increased appetite (go, go, go, I need food)

These are the reasons why eating too little will make you fat.

Want a smaller stomach does need to not eat too much per ton, small meals will not stretch the stomach. Would like to remind, many students to eat much and don’t have a clear concept, from the full 20 minutes to the brain feel satisfied with the time difference, hunger, and hunger is not a concept, hunger is chan, empty is empty stomach, but many of these two kinds of feelings never go to identify carefully, a hungry eat, finally to be to eat a lot of just meet, don’t eat just don’t feel satisfied. This must be experienced by many students.

So eat too little to reduce fat (reduce belly) will not have benign effect, or less food more meals are good, do not stretch the stomach at the same time, there will be a feeling of eating all day long, is not very good, so that the stomach is very drum. Reasonable exercise with less and more meals is a faster way to reduce the stomach. Once again, let me remind you sisters:

1. Eat 15-20 kinds of food a day, less each kind, 4-5 meals a day is not only good for health, fat (stomach) is also very effective.

2. Reduce visceral fat to choose clean food, the so-called clean, summed up 20 words, natural processing, less oil and low fat, low Gi, cooking to be simple.

3. Don’t eat less than your own basic metabolism every day, or you will get fat.

Second, can not reduce the stomach to do?
Answer: whether small belly or big belly waist exceeds 80 cm to reduce belly. We need to know what kind of belly you have.

Are you Baymax’s or Michelin’s? Although they both need to lose weight, the way they store fat is different. Baymax’s fat is in the gut, and hers is a bigger threat to health, whereas Michelin’s is more subcutaneous. Now that we’ve seen the two of them, let’s look at the belly. The tummy is commonly known as the lower abdomen. The lower abdomen tends to accumulate fat and the lower abdomen is too big. First of all, the lower abdomen is easy to accumulate fat, which is a layer of subcutaneous fat like Michelin that can be pinched by hand. In this case, it is good to reduce fat normally, and fat reduction also needs to increase muscle content. If the whole body is just a fat belly, it may be the following situations:

1. Postpartum abdomen did not recover well, and rectus abdominis muscle was still separated

2, intestinal peristalsis or intestinal metabolism is not good, resulting in stool or metabolic waste accumulation

3, gynecological inflammation or intestinal disease

Different problems have different solutions, but I still hope to find out the reason before starting training, otherwise the more you practice, the worse it will be. If you want to learn more about losing your stomach, you can also read my previous answer (How to lose your stomach when you have a normal weight but a small stomach).

Third, can’t avoid sedentary, how to reduce the stomach?
Answer:Let’s not go into the harms of sitting for too long, including muscles, joints, internal organs, respiratory system, circulatory system, etc. Sitting is bad anyway. If these hazards do not get you out of the chair, then set the action on the office chair, this action has a certain effect on abdominal tightening, in the office can also be trained, recommended actions:

Action one: Sitting and turning

Main points: Sit in front of the chair, abdomen tighten, body upright, put one leg on the other leg above, body to reverse twist, keep deep breathing, inhale still, exhale to rotate the body more fully, one hand on the outside of the knee, the other hand hold the back of the chair or fixed position, used to help hair force.

Action two: Sitting forward flexion

Main points: Sit in the front of the chair, legs straight to the far, the body to go forward and close to the legs, maintain normal breathing, do not deliberately to let the body fold, it is good to have a stretching sense, the back should be extended, the action should be slow.

Action three: chair static squat

Main points: Sit in the front of the chair, arms above head clip ears on both sides, shoulders down, abs tight, leg strength, buttocks up to legs support buttocks slightly up to not completely out of the seat, maintain static squatting action, to their exhaustion state.

Action four: Chair Back Stretch (belly, shoulders)

Main points: These two movements belong to the stretch movement, to stabilize the core, tighten the abdomen, arms straight, do the movement when breathing evenly, to raise your head, the movement to slow, maintain a continuous force, the body is static.

In addition, you want to do moderate intensity aerobic exercise 3-4 times a week, and practice the following at home:

Fourth, how to maintain abdominal line?
Answer:I believe that the partner asking this question is already good practice, so a few key points to maintain the abdominal line,

1. Maintain a healthy diet

2. Avoid sitting for too long

3. Maintain good posture

4. Keep in mind the abdominal contraction in daily life

5. Get regular sleep and rest

6. Be sure to do abdominal strength training

7. Regular aerobic exercise every week

Why is these points, the reason is that if you want to maintain abdominal lines for a long time, you must maintain 18% of the body fat rate for a long time, maintain higher muscle mass, and not bloated body, the way to maintain these three points for a long time is to maintain 7 key points, without one can not oh.

Fifth, how is the waist bad to do abdominal training to reduce fat?
Answer:This question may be the question that people will ask me whenever I talk about abdominal training. How to make the question clear is also the part that I have been thinking about. Let’s look at the keywords:  waist trouble, training,  fat loss.

To analyze one by one, first of all, the waist is divided into the diagnosed waist problems and the waist discomfort that has not been diagnosed. I hope you can distinguish this clearly.

If only the latter, the routine abdominal and core area training movements to make it standard, reasonable planning can improve a lot of waist discomfort, play the role of abdominal training. If it is a diagnosed lumbar disease, such as lumbar disc herniation, acute and chronic lumbar strain, lumbar spinal stenosis, etc., we need to get the doctor’s advice, provide exercise time and intensity, and help the coach or rehabilitator with training guidance.

Then the problem of waist disease should also be trained on the abdomen. What should we pay attention to in training?

1. Choose more stable movements. That is to say, THE MOVEMENT track of THIS action CAUSES the BODY to swing around easily, so ensure that the waist won’t be injured again because of the action.

2. Stabilize intra-abdominal pressure and perform actions under stable intra-abdominal pressure. To stabilize the abdominal pressure is to stabilize the pink circle. In terms of muscle sensation, the back muscles are tightened, the pelvic floor muscles are tightened, the abdominal muscles are tightened, and the diaphragm is lowered.

3. Enhance core stability. Strengthening training of core stability can help lumbar rehabilitation. For details, please read the article (it is time to let us know core muscle group and core stability).

As a result of long-term unscientific dance training when I was a child, my waist is also injured, and I also pay attention to abdominal training. I recommend a few good movements to you:

First of all, these actions are static.

Action one: Contralateral support, keep the torso in a neutral position, lift the arms and legs on the opposite side, the back should be flat, the lower forehead should be slightly closed, the arms and legs should be extended beyond both ends, keep even breathing, and the abdominal muscles should be tightened up.

Action two: The whole action is the back side chain force, abdominal contraction with force, breathing to maintain normal, maintain the trunk neutral position, the lower forehead slightly closed, the legs bent, the big arm clamping, the palm open off the ground as far as possible to lift up.

Action three: Pay attention to the leg is not stable, do breathing training on the basis of hip bridge, and pelvic stability training.

Action four: Do breathing exercises in the position of quadruped support, to feel the uncomfortable lumbar spine, inhale when the stomach relax and fall, exhale when the abdomen tighten.

Action five: With the whole back erector spinae main force

To lift both ends of the body, the key is to clamp the inner thigh firmly, pelvic floor muscles to keep the legs together, hands clasped behind the back and lift up, lower forehead slightly in.

Practice the above movements every day, 3 groups of each movement, each group lasts more than 60 seconds.