In the context of accelerating consumer upgrading, various TV manufacturers are actively developing core display technology, hoping to catch up with the trend of users upgrading large-screen TV, can get the biggest piece of the market cake. This includes Mini LED and OLED two major technology factions, as for the advantages and disadvantages of today to analyze.

Many people have heard of OLED display technology, which was once known as the best picture quality. OLED TVS have features such as self-lighting, high contrast, large viewing angles, and ultra-thin, so when we see OLED TVS in stores, we are attracted by their picture quality.

However, OLED has obvious drawbacks, and one of the biggest concerns for users is “screen burn”.

The reason for the “burning screen” is that the OLED screen is generated by the spontaneous light of the pixels. When the screen displays the same color for a long time, the film on the surface of the pixels will age, resulting in the “residual image”. Therefore, the burning screen, short life, residual image and stability of OLED have not been effectively solved until now.

Because of OLED’s performance in picture quality, LCD has also had to upgrade its technology, eventually evolving to rival OLED’s Mini LED technology.

Among them, TCL is the first brand to take Mini LED as an important strategic layout, which can be traced back to around 2018. In 2019, Mini LED products were published in mass production, and in the past two years, TV products based on Mini LED accounted for more than 90% of the sales.

According to my attention to the display screen, TCL recently released the third-generation QD-MINI LED display technology, which further integrates the technological advantages of LCD and OLED, so the picture quality is comparable to that of OLED. First, the brightness of QD-mini leds is improved, which is the disadvantage of OLED. OLED has the advantage of black field, so it loses a lot of detail in high brightness performance. The QD-MINI LED upgrades the area light source to the pixel-level point-controlled light source, and uses the QLED technology to make the peak brightness more than 2000nit.

Second, QD-mini LED display technology makes the color performance more perfect. Compared with the color gamut performance of OLED, the 157% gamut (BT.709) of QD-mini LED is also outstanding, and the color purity can also be improved to 58.3%, which can really show the dynamic HDR display effect.

And for the user headache burning screen problem, QD-MINI LED is not worried at all, its can achieve 60,000 hours of color, this stability is very worthy of affirmation.

Recently a friend’s house is to decorate, want to change color, nice and durable big TV, ask I have what I can recommend. I did some research on the QD-mini LED technology, and finally found that the TCL X11 QD-MINI LED smart screen has a good performance.

TCL X11 Leading QD-Mini LED smart screen has 2304 partition quantum dot light control technology, 120Hz, 2000NIT ultra brightness, 10,000,000 :1 ultra sensing contrast and full ecological HDR. In addition, TCL can achieve “1 billion primary color screen” with 157% gamut value (BT.709) and 58.3% color purity improvement through the special tuning of quantum dot technology and special picture quality engine.

In addition, the lack of brightness of OLED screen is not a problem in the X11 leading qd-mini LED smart screen, which has 2000nit brightness and 10 million yuan: The super perceptual contrast of 1 can realize the detailed display of the dark part of the picture. For the same 6 cups, OLED can only display 3 cups, while X11 is able to display the whole picture, so it can be seen that there is a big difference between black and black.

In addition to high quality picture quality, X11 LED QD-mini LED smart screen is also equipped with Enbridge 2.1.2 HI-FI speaker, which has 5 channels 7 units and 60W super power solution. It supports full-field AI sound field and Dolby panoramic sound, providing users with an immersive feeling while watching movies. It’s perfect for someone like my friend who has a perfect visual effect.

Looking at the major TV brands, I find that TCL is the only one that has been sending Mini LED technology from beginning to end. It is also because TCL has been making efforts in this field that it has been able to launch products like X11 QD-Mini LED Smart Screen, both in picture quality and sound quality. Are able to bring high-end audiovisual users a new viewing experience. So if you happen to be in the market for a high-definition TV in 2022, I highly recommend you to check out the TCL X11 Leading QD-Mini LED smart screen, which is very good in both picture quality and durability.