How to reduce weight there are so many misunderstandings, in the end how to let him thin down, have a healthy perfect body shape body? Don’t worry, today we will solve the problems left over from the first two classes, and talk about how to lose weight correctly!

How to lose weight correctly, I believe that hearing this question of the audience friends, the mind will surely flash such two sentences: “Keep your mouth shut, stride legs” and “eat less and exercise more”. This is actually a commonplace weight loss method, there is a strong scientific basis. The core requirement is to achieve negative energy balance, that is, energy intake is less than energy expenditure. But some friends said he did not eat much, but did not achieve the effect of weight loss. What is the reason for this?

Don’t worry. Think about what you ate. Here, let’s be clear: Eating less doesn’t mean fewer calories. Judge how much you eat not by the total weight of the food you eat each day, but by the total calories you eat each day. For example, many girls like to eat milk tea, popcorn, cake, chocolate, etc., not only high calories, satiety is also low, and these foods contain relatively single nutritional elements. If you use them regularly as part of your diet during your weight loss period, even if it seems like a small amount, it will not make you very thin. On the contrary, this eating habit will lead to a nutritional imbalance in your body.

That some friends may say: I did not eat these high calorie food ah, I eat food is normal, how also not thin? Don’t worry. Think about whether you have one of two situations.

The first condition is mindless eating. The so-called “unconscious eating” refers to the eating behavior that occurs without the awareness of actively driving eating, including the unconscious decision of eating time, choice of food type, eating amount and so on. Examples of such behaviors include eating popcorn at the cinema and clearing the table for the sake of the CD campaign. For those who have “mindless eating” behavior, they should try to refrain.

There is, of course, a second possibility — a decline in basal metabolic rate caused by excessive dieting. At the beginning of a diet to lose weight you must be happy, because the number on the scale is falling every day, such visual impact, will let you forget the body’s nutrition and energy problems, and increase the intensity of dieting, want to quickly let the weight down. Little did they know that the protective mechanism of “metabolic adaptation” formed by the human body over millions of years has quietly begun to function. Why is that?

Each of us has a weight set point over a period of time, and this set point is determined by our hypothalamus. When our body weight goes above or below the set point, the body will automatically increase or decrease energy metabolism to bring our body weight back to the set point. When we lose weight by dieting for a short period of time, the body activates protective mechanisms to restore the weight by reducing energy expenditure. Therefore, if only through dieting to control weight needs a strong willpower, at least need to adhere to about half a year or so of time. If you can’t stick to it for half a year, your weight will rebound quickly.

Finally, there is a third situation — the distribution of meals is not reasonable. In daily life, many office workers and students often skip breakfast because they are in a hurry, and eat a lot in the afternoon or evening because they are hungry. Such eating habits will not only lead to the morning work or study efficiency is low, but also lead to excess energy in the body, resulting in fat accumulation.

So, how can ability achieve the goal of reducing weight healthily and effectively? First of all, we should be based on the body fat percentage calculated in the first two classes, determine which level of obesity you are. If you belong to the mild simple obesity, as long as the mild diet, supplemented by the right amount of exercise, you can receive more ideal weight loss results. But if you belong to moderately obese people, it is necessary to carry out a certain intensity of exercise, with strict dietary control, to be able to receive a certain weight loss effect. At this time some listeners may want to say, that old, poor physical fitness of the obese people how to do? Don’t worry, for old age, poor constitution, three hyperemia obese people, in addition to diet and exercise, but also appropriate use of Chinese and western drug treatment, acupuncture and local surgery. But we must pay attention to, because drugs and surgery to lose weight have certain side effects, so try to use less.

After determining what weight loss method you should take, the specific problem to be solved. Exercise plus diet is the most scientific and effective method!

First, keep your mouth shut. Does “keep your mouth shut” mean you can’t eat any of it? Of course not. Scientific research shows that the minimum daily intake of 900 kilocalories of calories. We should not adopt long-term fasting to achieve rapid weight loss, but should make long-term changes in eating habits, especially to reduce the intake of fat and simple sugars, in order to achieve the goal of calorie control. In other words, you can eat during weight loss, but how you eat, what you eat becomes particularly important.

In terms of dietary collocation, it is recommended to adopt a high protein, low carbohydrate and moderate fat diet structure, and always pay attention to the intake of the three major energy sources. Here I suggest increasing the proportion of protein in each meal in moderation. The body should get 18% to 20% of its daily energy from protein and 30% to 35% from fat. At the same time, in the process of changing dietary habits, to ensure adequate vitamin and mineral supplementation, these substances can help to lose weight to a certain extent. Here I recommend some food to reduce weight to everybody again: cucumber, white gourd, quail, soybean, hawthorn, yam, onion, white radish, kelp, konjac, celery, rabbit and so on. These foods are low in calories and help the gastrointestinal tract digest other foods. In addition, everyone can also develop to eat less and eat more frequently, eat slowly, reduce the intake of food that stimulates appetite, etc., which can increase the effect of weight loss to a certain extent.

Diet structure adjustment at the same time, we also want to promote the smooth exercise, so as to achieve better weight loss effect. In addition to the jogging, swimming and other aerobic exercise mentioned in the first two classes, it is also recommended that we add a certain amount of high-intensity anaerobic exercise intermittently within the range that we can bear. In addition, resistance exercise 2 to 3 times a week can also be a good way to lose fat and get in shape.

In a word, “keep your mouth shut and spread your legs” and “eat less and exercise more” are our good ways to lose weight. No effect on you, you can according to the content of this class in turn check, re-formulate and adjust the weight loss plan, believe in yourself, you can have a perfect body and a healthy body.