Protein powder is a common health supplement. Many women always like to drink protein powder every day to strengthen their body’s resistance and get the effect of slowing down the aging process.

However, do you know? How to drink protein powder for best results? Protein powder has to be drunk right to have an effect on the body.

1. People who often work out can drink
Their protein needs for the general public 2 to 3 times, because high-intensity exercise will cause the breakdown of muscle protein, only timely supplementation of protein to reduce the damage to muscle tissue, promote protein synthesis, rapid recovery of physical fitness.

2. Vegetarians need to drink
Vegetarians who have given up the most substantial source of daily protein must supplement more protein, especially animal protein, according to their own recipes.

3. Children, pregnant women, post-operative patients suitable to drink
People whose bodies are in the above special states will usually have insufficient protein intake and should take additional protein powder supplements under the guidance of their doctor.

The three main types of protein powders

Despite their many names, protein powders can be simply divided into three main categories.

The first is known as plant-based protein powder, also known as soy protein powder because it is mainly derived from soybeans. It is somewhat stronger in promoting and improving women’s endocrine secretion and whitening the skin against ageing.

The second type is animal protein powder, which is also called whey protein powder because it is mainly extracted from milk. It contains a complete amino acid profile and more nutrients, but intake has to be more carefully controlled, otherwise the body may put on weight. This type of protein powder is more suitable for people who have a fitness habit.

And the third type is known as mixed protein powder, which consists of vegetable and animal proteins mixed in different proportions.

Protein powder is healthy to drink in this way

1. Drinking protein powder with plain water is the most common and healthy method.

2. Do not drink on an empty stomach, otherwise the protein powder will be consumed as a general calorie food for nothing.

3. Flavouring should be controlled, not too much sugar, otherwise it will affect protein absorption.

4. Do not brew with acidic drinks such as orange juice, as this will prevent the protein powder from forming clots and affecting digestion and absorption.

5. Whey protein powder should not be overheated and is best brewed with water below 40°C.

The daily protein requirement for the average brain worker is 0.8 to 1.0 grams per kilogram of body weight. The amount of protein consumed at breakfast should account for 70% of the whole day and Chinese food and dinner should only account for a total of 30% to be considered a healthy ratio.

The efficacy of protein powder has been recognized by people, for the efficacy of protein powder many people have felt its diverse health effects, the efficacy of protein powder can not only lower blood sugar and blood pressure the efficacy of protein powder can also be slimming weight loss, so the efficacy of protein powder and the role of the audience also has a lot of groups.

The 10 most effective effects of protein powder can be experienced by mastering how to eat it.

What is protein powder?
Protein powder is made from soy protein, whey protein, whey and lecithin. Whey protein, one of its main ingredients, contains sufficient methionine to make up for the lack of soy protein and provides a balanced supply of 9 essential amino acids.

Efficacy and effects of protein powder

1. For hypertension and hyperlipidaemia
Protein powder is a low cholesterol, low fat, sugar-free, high quality protein that helps to prevent excess calories and increased fat synthesis, lower blood pressure and reduce the incidence of disease; it is also beneficial for patients with hyperlipidaemia to reduce blood lipids and cholesterol and reduce the incidence of disease.

2. For diabetes
Protein is rich in leucine, which has a prominent role in stimulating pancreatic secretion. Protein powder produces a sense of satiety and can effectively reduce blood sugar.

3. For coronary heart disease
All patients with coronary heart disease are extremely deficient in protein and have atherosclerosis of the coronary arteries, resulting in narrowing of the lumen, high blood viscosity and difficulty in blood supply, while protein powder helps to improve blood vessel elasticity and adjust blood function.

4. For fatty liver, hepatitis and cirrhosis of the liver
The liver is the main organ for the metabolism, synthesis, operation and utilisation of neutral fats. If there is an imbalance in operation, neutral fats will accumulate and form a fatty liver. Protein powder is low in fat and high quality protein and is an ideal protein food to prevent fatty liver.

Protein powder contains essential amino acids that are fast and effective in synthesising the protein the body needs to repair necrotic liver cells and promote recovery of liver function.

Medical evidence shows that a lack of protein and choline and other anti-lipid factors in food can damage the liver and induce sclerosis.

5. For peptic ulcers
Protein powder is a high quality protein and is the best source for ulcer repair. It can quickly promote the healing of the ulcer surface and protect the gastric mucosa from damage.

6. For neurasthenia
People with neurasthenia often feel brain power, physical strength, loss of appetite, easy fatigue, low work efficiency, difficulty in sleeping, dreamy and easy to wake up, irritable and restless.
It is scientifically proven that the synthesis of 5hydroxytryptamine in the brain of insomnia patients is reduced. The intake of tryptophan in the role of protein powder, on the other hand, can relieve the patient’s physiological stress and improve sleep. The role of protein powder helps to replenish brain power and physical strength.

7. For obesity
Weight more than ideal 20% for obesity, in addition to genetic, endocrine factors, most for food obesity. In order to control high-fat and high-sugar diet, increasing protein powder can reduce excessive calorie intake, and when the intake of pure protein is sufficient, it can reduce the addiction to high-fat and high-sugar food; it is important for weight loss and heart protection.

8. For surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy
Protein powder contains 18 kinds of amino acids, synthesizes active enzymes, antibodies, hormones and other substances in the body, coordinates stomach function, stimulates the bone marrow hematopoietic system, increases cellular detoxification ability, resists infection, reduces illness and promotes healing.

9. For cancer
Protein powder contains 18 kinds of amino acids, which can improve the body’s immunity and enhance anti-cancer and anti-tumour ability.

10. For people in hot environment
During the summer heat, appetite decreases, digestive function decreases and protein decomposition in the body accelerates. Protein powder is easily absorbed and utilised, and is beneficial for heat prevention after replenishment.

What are the ways of eating protein powder? Three types of people are recommended to eat the right protein powder.

1. How to take it for ordinary people

(1) As a highly concentrated protein powder, it is not easy to take more than one level tablespoon per day.

(2) In order not to destroy the protein activity, please let it dissolve completely in warm or cold water, or dissolve it in milk or drinks.

2. How to take it for professional bodybuilders

(1) Protein powder is highly valued by bodybuilders because of its excellent physiological value and its higher raw material value than eggs and beef, so we must pay attention to the timing of taking it.

(2) The standard way to take it: drink 1 to 2 whey protein powders within 30 to 40 minutes after your workout. Why drink after exercise, because to achieve the effect of where to practice where big, it is necessary to wait after training muscle congestion and expansion

3. How to eat for weight loss people

(1) breakfast nutrition ingredients: 250ml fresh milk + 1 egg + 1 fruit + 8 grams of this product + 1 tablet of calcium + 1 tablet of vitamin C + 1 tablet of vitamin B + 1 tablet of vitamin E.

Directions: Put the above ingredients together in a juice blender and blend for 5 minutes. Within the first 2 months of eating a nutritious breakfast, if you often have diarrhoea and fart more, then congratulations, the detoxification process in your body starts to run, after a while this phenomenon will disappear since, do not worry.

As the toxins in your body continue to be detoxified, you will lose weight. As long as you can insist on eating, not only can you maintain the nutritional balance in your body, you can also keep your body slim, generally speaking, if you eat enough for 4 months, you will lose 6-8 pounds.

(2) Weight loss dinner: a cup of protein powder at night, about 8g, and then eat some mixed spinach or mixed seaweed or something to supplement the fiber and iron, because weight loss is easy to weakness, increased iron is good for exercise. This will not be very hungry after eating, half a child and then exercise the following weight loss effect is better..