For psychological counseling, many people have a sense of mystery, there are all kinds of conjecture and speculation, some are very beautiful, some are very scary. So, what kind of experience is psychological counseling?

Counseling is usually a face-to-face conversation between a client and a counselor, sometimes with the help of psychological scales (paper tests or computer tests). Therefore, people often have two misunderstandings: psychological counseling is chatting, or psychological counseling will make a diagnosis.

Language communication is an important way of psychological counseling. Through communication, counselors can obtain the necessary information and convey the attitude of respect, understanding and positive attention. This kind of communication is not aimless gossip, but purposeful and structured — that is, what the counselor feels he needs to know and the feedback is helpful to the client — which is fundamentally different from the casual chat between acquaintances. In addition, the counselor has many rules to follow during the communication process, including no judgment, no accusations, no suggestions, no proxy decisions, etc., which is often the case with small talk. This is the standard by which you can judge the quality of a consultant. If he or she talks to you in a casual manner, then his or her expertise is questionable.

There is a fundamental difference between psychometric measurement and psychological diagnosis. The psychological consultant can use the scale for psychological measurement, to grasp the state and characteristics of some aspects of the parties, but can not make a psychological diagnosis. According to the Mental Health Law, psychological diagnosis can only be carried out by qualified professional psychological treatment institutions, and other organizations and individuals have no right to carry out psychological diagnosis. Therefore, we can know that some people often give people “so-and-so disease” judgment, in addition to irresponsible, more likely to violate the law, this is no longer a simple professional unprofessional problem, but a more serious legal problem. This allows you to judge what is professional and what is illegal or even illegal.