Compared with the Apple 13 Pro Max, the Apple 13 is more cost-effective and worth buying.

But looking at the whole Apple 13 series, in fact, the Apple 13 Pro is the most cost-effective and the most worth buying, because compared with the Apple 13, the Pro has a great upgrade in camera, battery life and screen, but the price does not rise too much. If you play games, it’s enough to buy an iPhone 13, which lacks the 120Hz brush and telephoto lens. If you don’t play the game much, you can’t tell if you have a high refresh rate. And it’s just routine photography, so it’s not very demanding. If the light is high, the iPhone 13’s two rear lenses are adequate.

Compared to the Apple 13 Pro, the 13 Pro Max is mostly just an upgrade in battery life. It’s not a big difference, but it’s a lot more expensive. It is the cheapest of the Apple 13 series. Therefore, it is recommended to use Apple 13 directly for daily use; If the requirements are high and the budget is sufficient, you can choose the most cost-effective Apple 13 Pro.

Next, I will introduce these models to you in detail. First up is the iPhone 13, with A15 chip + 512G + 3095mah + 19-hour battery life + 12-megapixel dual-camera system, a rare pink look for an Apple phone. The look is very tall, the materials are powerful, the processor and camera are excellent. If you like the Apple brand and you like taking pictures, you can just get started.

Next up is the Apple 13 Pro, with 1TB of RAM + 3095 mAh + 22 hours of battery life + 120Hz adaptive high-brush + telephoto lenses for three rear cameras, available in blue, black, gold and silver. The Pro version has more memory, longer battery life, and an extra telephoto lens for macro shooting. If you value memory battery life and camera experience, or if you like to play games, then the Apple 13 Pro is a better choice.

The Apple 13 Pro MAX is the most expensive of the top models. The main purpose is to increase the battery capacity to 4352 mAh, which can support the battery life of 28 hours. The upgrade is not obvious, and the cost performance is relatively poor compared with 13 Pro. Also, the relatively large size of the Apple 13 Pro MAX may be difficult for people with small hands to use.

Overall, for everyday use, the best value iPhone 13 is the most recommended. If you are more demanding, play games, want a telephoto lens, longer battery life, high refresh rate, you can choose the Apple 13 Pro. As for the Apple 13 Pro MAX, the price is relatively the lowest, if you are not short of money, you can consider it.